Maria K, Chicago – $100 iTunes Gift Card
Judy, Chicago – $50 Starbucks Gift Card
Rick, Chicago – $50 Visa Gift Card
Demple F, Mississippi – $50 Visa Gift Card
Jamie B, Tennessee – $50 Visa Gift Card
Trazanda F, New York – $50 Amazon Gift Card
Neeti, Tennessee – $50 Visa Gift Card
Helen C, Georgia – $50 Amazon Gift Card
Demple F, Mississippi – $50 Visa Gift Card
Sinque R, Mississippi – $100 Visa Gift Card
Emily D, Virginia – $50 Amazon Gift Card
Alicia M, Florida – $50 Visa Gift Card
Darryn F, Texas – $150 Visa Gift Card
Emily D, Virginia – $50 Visa Gift Card
Michael, North Carolina – $100 Visa Gift Card
James, New York – $75 Visa Gift Card
Jennifer, Tennessee – $50 Amazon Gift Card
Karen, Pennsylvania – $25 Starbucks Gift Card
Aly, California – $100 Visa Gift Card
Mitzia, Texas – $50 Visa Gift Card
Amy, California – $50 Amazon Gift Card
Kathy, California – $100 Visa Gift Card
Allison, Connecticut – $50 Amazon Gift Card
Natalie, Massachusetts – $50 Visa Gift Card
Luz, Missouri – $50 Visa Gift Card
Caitlin, North Carolina – $50 Visa Gift Card
Julio, Missouri – $50 Visa Gift Card
Paulia, Massachusetts – $50 Amazon Gift Card
Raquel, California – $50 Visa Gift Card
Quinton, Florida – $50 Visa Gift Card
Janice, Arkansas – $50 Visa Gift Card

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