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How does the pending bonus work?

Bonuses are offered to players via special promotional offers. Bonuses are earned gradually after you enter paid contests. As you play and earn the bonus, the cash you earn is released automatically into your account, reflected in your account balance, and made available for play or withdrawal under the same terms as all funds in your account. Your bonus amount is shown in your account settings as ‘Pending Bonus’.

How quickly does the bonus become real cash?

Gradually releasing bonuses as you play prevents fraud and discourages multi-accounting. The bonuses are released as real money at a rate of 2% off the entry of the contest you enter. For example, if you enter a $25 contest and the entry fee is $5, $0.10 of bonus will be released into your account balance. Players collect bonuses upon the contest entered. If a contest or entry is canceled, your entry fee will be refunded and no bonuses will be earned.

What are the benefits of bonuses?

Pending bonus rewards loyal players who play consistently on Coinnect. The Bonus does not expire.

If you have further questions about bonuses, please contact us.